Things are about to revv up...

Hi all -- we're setting our sights on really taking big action on this issue very soon. Things have gone from horrific to even worse, if you can imagine that. The hoarder has become an even greater danger to herself and others, and with the community near the…Read More


At this moment, I am attempting to set up a way to donate to the cause via Paypal. When that information is available, I will post it here on Causes. Thanks! =^,,^=

Latest News

Rhae Ann Theriault, the champion behind the work at Leadwell, is now a leader of this cause!! In other news, we are working on setting up a petition. The fundraising issue is still being tinkered with. Also... Just want to say that you all are AMAZING!!…Read More

Latest footage from Leadwell

A great sight for a change!
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