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"Calling A Nation/World to Its Knees"


An urgent call to stand in gap, and Pray for America, Terroristic deadly attacks in Nigeria, France, and other parts of the World.
CAUSE: SIGN OF THE END TIMES:Matt24:1-51, Mk13:1-37, Lk21:5-36.
God is calling and Raising Up Spiritual Army of Intercessors or Prayer Warriors Globally that are willing to stand in the gap/Wall for the land. Ezekiel 37:1-9, Ezek 22:30-33, Joel 2:15-17.
God is also recruiting those who are willing to Help Blow the Trumpet in Zion and make the Clarion Call for Prayer & Intercession for Zion sake(Isa 62:1-7).
Perfect timing for everyone Christian Worldwide to get on Board !
A “Cry for help” and a Call for all of God's Global Prayer Intercessors, Pastors. and Churches Worldwide to rise up and Stand in the gap for the World, America in particular. Please prayerfully ask The Holy Spirit to Guide and direct you in focus prayer weekly or daily prayer .
Please together let's rise up globally to pray Against: Terrorism, Racism, Rebellion, Cult/Occultism, Idolatry, VIOLENCE , Immoraily in the Land, Spirits of Reprobacy,
Religious Apathy/confusion, Lukewarm, Backsliding, Rebellion, Spirit of Complaisancy,Sluggishness, passivity, Lithurgy, deep sleep,Prayerlessness, Compromising the truth, itching ears , Believing lies, spirit of error, lack of Spiritual discernment, Anything goes, Religion of All Inclusiveness to the deteriment of compromising the truth from the word of God, risking spiritual pollution and contamination----thereby building on shaky , Chaotic , and unstable foundation ; instead of Christ Solid Foundation.
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ! IT”S TIME FOR: Perfect Timing for Worldwide Corporate Prayer of Agreement: Urgent need to Pray For Repentance from sin, and for God to heal Land and his people.(2Chronicles 7:14)
In God’s service: Apostle Anthony Moses-Christ Foundation Church/Global Prayer Network.
Please Click link below to join in with one of our Ministries-Worldwide Prayer Network/ group of Prayer Warriors/Intercessors.;

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