PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT: Dear Kingdom NON Denominational Christian Global Prayer Partners/Volunteers

“CHRIST FOUNDATION GLOBAL PRAYER NETWORK” of Dallas Texas, cordially invites you to join in weekly Worldwide to our new daily Prayer-line at 9pm(Dallas Texas Time).Please feel free to call in and connect with other Christians Volunteer Prayer Intercessors…Read More

"Calling A Nation/World to Its Knees"

An urgent call to stand in gap, and Pray for America, Terroristic deadly attacks in Nigeria, France, and other parts of the World. CAUSE: SIGN OF THE END TIMES:Matt24:1-51, Mk13:1-37, Lk21:5-36. God is calling and Raising Up Spiritual Army of Intercessors or…Read More

TAKE A BOLD STAND FOR JESUS CHRIST-Urgent call for Prayer in University Campuses

Christian Prayer Intercessors Worldwide Please Adopt a Campus in Prayer today : For revival to break out in this generation: TAKE A BOLD STAND FOR JESUS CHRIST ! Follow the lead of a local campus minister, Justin Christopher, who believes prayer plays a…Read More


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