help stop pornography

Pornography is one of the major things that is poisioning the minds of our men/women in our society.

Pornography targets men and women,but men are more prone to this addiction.

Pornography is very much an addiction, if anything its harder to stop this addiction than it is to stop smoking.

If that isnt enough here are some things to ponder on:

Did you know the porn sites make over millions dollars?

Think about this: People are paying ALOT of money for the after effects of porn!

*-Destorys Marriages
*-Gives oppisite sex an unrealistic Image of women/men
*-Teaches men to use a women for only her body/vice. versa
*-Destorys the idea of beauty
*-Allows your addiction to control you

I forgot the name of this model but she is famous. She went to playboy for her photo shoot.She had gotten all her makeup done and put her robe on when the photrgrapher asked her to take her robe off she started to crying histaricly. She cried for over an hour, so they re-did her make-up and he took the photo's.

you see ...when you look at porn you arent just looking at a picture..your looking at what they hold dearst to them/its the most private thing in ones life.
If you join this you are saying that you agree to not support porn sites or the addiction.If you know someone who struggles with this,you will try to help them.

1. Must help stop porn

2. This addiction wont control us