Make it illegal to make and use these Death Traps

This is not exceptable for anyone who calls them self a human to do this. It needs to be illegal to make them, use them, and merely think that this should continue. This needs to be banned in all states and all shelters including Louisiana. Reasons for this is the fact that says there is an over population of dogs and cats Reason one: there is too much money and fees to make it very easy for people to adopt these animals or "RESCUE ONLY" polices. I agree, some people need not have animals because they themselves could be a danger to these poor souls, but don't the rescues and shelters make it a rule to visit the home of where the pets are going to check to see if they are being properly taken care of. People are mean and cruel to animals, but don't you think this is at the top of the list for being mean and cruel to them. If they find out about the pets being abuses or not taken care of at the homes they go to, start a background check on these people so they aren't aloud to obtain them and make this public access so everyone knows. Anyone can simply look on their phones threw a GPS app and see where all the sex offenders live why not pet abusers.Reason Two: These people have a nerve to say they are against Animal Abuse when they are part of the problem. Please join this Cause and lets permanently stop this instead of talking about it...................(^^)