Brain Storm!

We trying to think of the next step. We have been so very busy at the labs, not enough tie for dogs. But thinking. Maybe a protest at the health department? Any thoughts?

Friday Radio show WVOX- 1460

Friday 10:30 WVOX 1460 am radio- Mike is being interviewed on the dog issue. They are asking people to call in heres the number 914-636- 0110

Supporters and Counting

We have 233 supporters, Love your morning cup and want to share it with your Furry Friends. Please keep sharing Cause, Keep helping by sharing this link with your friends. GOAL: 1000 supporters by this FRIDAY.

Member #

334 hoping we can reach 1,000 by friday. Cross your fingers and spread the word. We put in a call to them yesterday but no one was in the office :( Lets see if they call back today


The Health Dept. is diffcult and are lying Saying we don't support anymore you can try but... They claim our paper work was only if we abided by the stipulations. We had meet with someone & they gave us more stip. The claim it didn't count as the…Read More

Stuck in the 300's

The health department won't even consider with a lot support. Spread the word to your friends, And thank you in advance! Coffee Labs Mike & Alicia

Broke 400

Looking for places to petition people could sign. Vets that might write a letter in support. Any news connects. Anything that would help! Thanks Mike & Alicia [email protected]
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