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Update on November 02, 2012

Are you watching the YouTube view count? We are now over 21,000. Thanks in part to the almost 400 people who "took the pledge" to share the Nordic Peace Conference video, the sharing effort is going well. Since it was launched on Oct 19, we are averaging about 1,400 views per day. The peak was Oct 26, with 2,551. That was the day WOPG sent an email about it.

We also got some nice help from Peace One Day, which featured this video on their web page and had a nice Facebook Post about it on Oct 29. See and view the post (Find "Prem Rawat" on the page).

This is a great start, and perhaps we can go on to do much more. One point you might consider is: what other networks do you participate in that might be interested in supporting this effort? Peace One Day did this because the opportunity was offered to them.

Thanks for all that you are doing to share this message via this great video.

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