Our mission is to prevent the extinction of these small SE Asian apes, and to advance its study, propagation and conservation by establishing secure captive gene pools.

The Gibbon Conservation Center was founded in 1976 in southern California, USA, by Alan Richard Mootnick. It is the only facility in the world devoted exclusively to gibbons. We work for the endangered gibbons' benefit through conservation, propagation and study, and by teaching people about them. GCC houses nearly 40 gibbons, among them 5 of the 17 living species. GCC specializes in behavioral studies on gibbons, collected by students, scientists and volunteers working at the Center. Several mated pairs have produced offspring, making an important contribution to the world's captive gibbon population, both in terms of numbers and in the genetic diversity of the species. Offspring are housed at the Center in species-typical family units until they reach adulthood. At that time, they are removed from the family and housed with a mate, which imitates what normally happens in the wild.

GCC also offers advice, free of charge, to zoos, government agencies and gibbon rescue centers throughout the world. A portion of donations received by GCC is given to projects devoted to the conservation of wild gibbon populations, especially those in Java, India, Kalimantan, China and Vietnam.