NEW Support Group for Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

We have some exciting news for survivors living in the Treasure Coast area of South Florida. Starting thursday, April 16th, we will be holding a monthly support group for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. The treasure coast is made up of North Palm Beach,…Read More

Sexual Predators Hiding in Plain Sight

You have the ability to MAKE HISTORY. Please read, share and contact anyone you can to help get House Bill 17 passed into law. It will protect children and enable victims of childhood sexual abuse get some measure of justice. PLEASE…Read More

The Bristlecone Project

About a year and half ago I began talking with Dr. David Lisak, founding Board member of the The Bristlecone Project, President and a founding member of the 1in6 Board of Directors. He asked if I would be interested in participating in the project. Not…Read More

All In One Accord

With the hustle and bustle of families and travel during the holiday season, it’s taken me a little longer than normal to write about the conference Linda and I attended in Austin, TX. Because its message and the message of this time of year are so simpatico,…Read More

Child Friendly Faith Project Conference 2014

I am honored to share some great news today! We've been asked to go to Austin, TX and speak at the Child Friendly Faith Project Conference. The event will be on December 4-5 and the focus will be: How can we better address child maltreatment that occurs in…Read More

What is Required to Have a Life of Hope and Healing?

Last week, in the first part of our 2-part series, we talked about something all survivors of abuse grapple with, feeling alone. So now what, how do we get beyond these helpless and hopeless feelings? Part 2 What is Required to Have a Life of Hope and…Read More

How Long Have I Felt Alone?

Today I'm beginning a 2-part series on “Feeling Alone” and “What is Required to Have a Life of Hope and Healing?” The first, feeling alone, It's an experience all victims/survivors of childhood sexual abuse endure. And because of this, I want to address how I…Read More
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