Help us to bring inspiring science programs to low-income schools!

Did you know that California ranks 48th in the nation for science education? For our children and for our grandchildren, we have to take action now to change not only HOW science education is presented to students, but also HOW parents and children view education. Education is as basic a need as food and shelter. Your monetary support of Schmahl Science Workshops, whether small or large, is a vital investment in our children’s future.

Over the past year, we've received many donations from business sponsors and families. Fees from our workshops cover only about 40% of our budget. The remaining 60% comes from the generous donations of people just like you.

Schmahl Science Workshops makes a profound difference in the lives of students from all socio-economic backgrounds. We provide a critical service at a time when our future depends more and more on science-and scientists.
• The Advanced Student Research Program boasts over 50 projects winning top awards at regional, state and international science fairs this year. Our students’ cutting edge projects range from Alzeheimer's and cancer research to new generation solar cells using metamaterials from nature. The youngest child doing this level of research is only 10 years old!
• In the Classroom Programs, our talented instructors are helping to raise STAR test scores by an amazing 60-70% with just 12 hours of our programs!
• Out of School Programs increase students’ interest in science and engineering careers by 60%. OST’s objectives are multifaceted: we offer children the opportunity to gain a passion for science by learning and applying advanced skills in STEM fields, which in turn translates into increased self-esteem, sense of responsibility, and a far better education for underserved students.

A donation of as little $125 pays for one classroom workshop for 36 students—a simple gesture that means a world of difference for the students it impacts! A donation of your expertise, technical skills, and time is another way to make a difference. Over 150 scientists and engineers currently donate their time to SSW. How about you? Inspiring the next generation of scientists is too important to postpone.

To show your support and to get involved, please visit: http://prod.schmahlscience.org/schmahl_new/gi_getinvolved

Thank you for your generous support of SSW programs. Together, we are changing attitudes about science education.