URGENT: What are YOU Doing on 3/27/10?

REMINDER: The 3rd International SWAN Day is right around the corner, so what are YOU doing on 3/27/10?!?

It's not too late to plan "an event." "Events" can be as simple as inviting a few friends to watch a DVD in your own living room. There are so many wonderful new films by women directors available on DVD: BRIGHT STAR, FIFTY DEAD MEN WALKING, THE HURT LOCKER, JULIE & JULIA, SUNSHINE CLEANING, etc, etc. All highly recommended.

So there is simply no excuse not to plan something for 3/27.

Follow link below to see what others are doing. Even if no "public events" are happening in your own neighborhood, you can still do something to help.

Remember, the goal is buzz, so do you part to Support Women Artists Now... on SWAN Day & everyday :-)

All best,

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