This is a petition to ban electroshock in my lifetime, it has destroyed too many. read below.

Why this Is Important I apologize for the shear length of this this petition. I felt it necessary to explain enough information about why ECT is so dangerous, and ineffective. ECT, or electroconvulsive, electroshock therapy, has been proven time and time…Read More

Ernest Hemingway, ECT's most "famous suicide victim"

I have a very important news story, that has been hotly debated, since the 1940's. It concerns the practice of ECT, or "shock" therapy, the kind that drove Ernest Hemingway to suicide famously quoting, "What these shock doctors don't know is about…Read More

video of someone who explains what shock therpy really does

There are a lot of pro ECT propaganda, don't listen to it. Those that do "well" like Carrie Fisher, and Kitty Dukakis, don't realize how much it affects their memory and personality until it's far too late. Now even Kitty is coming out admitting horrible…Read More

this is just an update

Presently we are trying to get a big media, like Current tv, or Huffington Post to expose this crime against humanity and the human brain. We are looking for those who know people who have suffered from this to help out if they choose to.
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