New apl.d.ap video...

If you're interested in being featured in apl.d.ap's new vidio, We Be Workin', go to and submit your own concept!

Peapod Dipdive Channel

The official Peapod Foundation Dipdive Channel has officially launched. Please check it out at and create a profile to become a fan. Thanks for all of your continued support. Peace and Love, Katie


Hey Everyone, First I would just like to thank you for supporting my cause. I am reaching out today because I am trying to raise some money to purchase music equipment for a couple of my most outstanding students as they leave us to go off to college. They…Read More

Peapod Academy Scholarship

Thanks to all of you who have joined this cause. Please continue to recruit if you can. I am in the process of starting a grassroots campaign to raise scholarship money for my students and need all the help I can get. Thanks for all of your support!! Katie
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