Nireekshana provides a safe environment housing, feeding and educating orphaned & destitute children, who have been neglected. These children have suffered from hunger, poverty and extreme loneliness.

Our vision is to change the lives of the children under our protective wings – by providing them with long-term care meeting not only their most basic needs, but expanding upon the themes already in place in education, health-care and the skills necessary to transform them into capable, responsible citizens.

The number of children being referred and directly coming to Nireekshana is constantly increasing, therefore it is necessary for us to increase both the quality, and quantity of care provided within the present centre by way of expansion, in phases as the money comes in to complete one phase, then the next is to be actioned.

Some of our plans for the future include the building of;
•To repair, paint and modernise Nireekshana
•Accommodation for housing up to 150 children
•A school building/class-rooms and canteen/kitchen
•A vocational training/technology centre
•A recreation/sports facility

Additionally we hope to run counselling and rehabilitation programs for rural village men and women providing them with self-help programs.