Educating and empowering the disadvantaged youth at Samaritan Help Mission, Kolkata

Samaritan Help Mission (SHM) is a non-government organization based in the Tikiapara slums of Howrah District in West Bengal, India. It was founded in 1999 by Mamoon Akhtar, a librarian, with 5 students, and over the years it has grown to a size of over 600 children. Tikiapara's' high crime rate and notoriety for drug peddling has permeated its society. The focus of the mission is to provide quality education as well as mentorship to the youth of Tikiapara so they can break the cycle of crime and poverty to become productive citizens with a secure means of livelihood.
Ann Foundation is collaborating with Samaritan Help Mission to educate and empower students of the Mission. Sixty young girls of the mission are receiving English and computer literacy classes online via Skype from Ann Foundation’s tutors located in the United States, Canada and India.
These young students are showing significant progress, which has led the collaboration to focus on expanding this program to all students. In order to start new batches, the Mission needs funds for the following:

- Projectors for the classrooms.
- Powerful speakers for better audio reception
- Computers with faster processors and RAM.

Join and donate to this cause today! Only with your support can we achieve our goal to pave the way for the youth of Tikiapara to secure a dignified livelihood.