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Lia's story

Part 1 of Lia's story

Gala Calisto just posted a link to your cause, WeCanBuildanOrphanage.com (http://apps.facebook.com/causes/63767?m=27feee1c): Hello everyone, As you may have heard we have finally found Lia, our director, as well as our kids. All them are safe and have food…Read More

Best News Ever!!!!

The most wonderful email I’ve ever received just came in: From Andrew Madda… LIA is fine ! her orphanage is destroyed and her 13 kids sleeping on the street.. but they are fine and all together. xx I can barely believe it. The news is still sinking in,…Read More

We Need Your Help!!!!

We still haven’t heard from Lia, the director of our orphanage, but we fear the worst. A hotel across the street collapsed completely. No matter what happened to us, this earthquake is a major disaster for so many children, friends and neighbors in our…Read More

Rent Due For the Year!!!

Well it is that time again for us in Haiti, our rent for the year is due....yikes! We need your help, any donation gets us closer to our goal and is very appreciated. If you want to know more about what we are doing feel free to check us out at…Read More

Thanks Stephen!

Thanks Stephen Bisse for making such a generous donation to http://WeCanBuildanOrphanage.com. Your donation is a huge help!

Internet for Updates on our Kids

Our orphanage was hit by 5 hurricanes last year and in the process our internet dish was ripped off the roof, and the 2 cables holding the dish broke. All we need is a part to get the dish up and running again but the repair will cost $300. We want to keep…Read More
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