The March

I was present at the march and was proud to see so many pit lovers showing support! BUT I was SHOCKED many people were NOT interviewed. They picked one person and left it at that. That did not even interview anyone until the very end. I would go as far as…Read More

It's not over yet!!

The march may have ended, but our spirits should not! This holiday season there are tons of dogs waiting to be adopted and loved! Please remember this and that any donation will do! There are many groups out there that would love you to be active, donate or…Read More

Possible appology?

KGUN will be posting a report with Pit and Proud tonight at 10pm. It is suppose to be a follow up from their last report. The only reason I know this is because I saw it on their site. I've heard zero advertising of course, anyone heard anything different? I…Read More

Save the Date, Save a pit!

If you are seeing this you are aware of the KGUN9 news situation and that they are working towards getting a ban on pits. Many groups reached out to them with a plea to give the real story and to let the public know the truth about this breed along with all…Read More

Feedback from the other side!

Smiling Dog rescue has now posted their side of the story. As you may know they did interview Rica as part of the news segement. Well her group has now something to say as well as facts to point out. Please give a read and share with caring!

KGUN and their "Cause"

KGUN recently ALSO posted a poll about BANNING pitbulls!! It seems clear they do want to ban the breed from Tucson! Pits and Dog lovers UNITE! It's NEVER ok to discriminate PEOPLE! why should we discriminate dogs! PLEASE vote and let KGUN know that banning…Read More


PLEASE CALL THEM! CONTACT THEM! EMAIL THEM! Let them KNOW you are outraged!! MAIN: 520-290-7700 E-Mail: [email protected] Audience Relations MAIN: 818-460-7477
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