To Be Able to Share Times Between the Home Farm/ English Farm/ Lighthouse Cove.

Hello, My name is Frustrated Farmer. Which, I'm sure is a lot your names as well. Recently i have heard to many people say that they have purchased an Item from the market (and was way to excited) and stuck it on their Lighthouse Cove Farm...... Really?!?!?!?! im sure you get the amount of horrible headaches they got (mostly from pounding on their foreheads) just from a simple mistake.. some have even contacted Zynga about this rather embarrassing issue and as a result (almost always) Zynga had little to say about the matter. Maybe their is a different issue .. Maybe you would just like to have a farm to decorate! you have spring items that you want to place on this farm... but you are forced just to sit and wait .. I would love to see this cause skyrocket high enough to reach the Head Honchos of Zynga. Please .. Join me in my cause !