A Message from Indigo Girls

Hey everyone, We're reaching out to you because one of our greatest allies, Honor the Earth, is struggling to make ends meet as the end of the year draws near. Because of the economy, many of Honor's long term foundation funders have pulled their funding…Read More

Get Together and Honor the Earth!

HONOR THE EARTH NEEDS YOUR HELP! We’ve recently learned that a number of our long-term foundation supporters are not able to provide funding essential to Honor’s operations. In response, we’ve cut our budget and are cautiously taking steps to ensure we’re…Read More

New Blog!! Traveling with LaDuke by Winona LaDuke

has posted Winona's newest blog!! It's called Traveling with LaDuke. Topics include Lakota squash, an Australian horse saddle and, of course, the post-petroleum economy. Check it out on our site! http://honorearth.org/blog/%5Buser%5D/traveling-laduke Don't…Read More

NEW Honor the Earth Facebook Page!

Hey friends, We've been working hard at Honor the Earth to make sure that the incredible people who support our work are kept updated and in the loop on all of our current projects. We've just set up a page which is being updated regularly with Winona's…Read More

Stand with us to stop violence against women in Mexico - NOW!

Honor stands in support of this important work. Emily Saliers has asked us to pass this along. Join Peter Gabriel and stop violence against women in Mexico. WITNESS has been collecting signatures on a petition asking Mexico's President Calderon to resolve…Read More
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