a fair deal for the Yindjibarndi people, protection of sacred sites and right to self-determination

The Yindjibarndi need support to fight one of Australia's richest mining companies. Submissions have been sent to Parliament to support the Yindjibarndi submission to amend the unfair and unjust Native Title Act. Letters of protest have been written and appeals have been made to various politicians, companies and individuals for help. Sacred sites - including those that contain Aboriginal remains are in danger now, and FMG are trying every trick in the book to force the Yindjibarndi to accept a totally unfair deal - one that impels them to give up rights to their land, which cuts them off from their cultural practices. This mining company also seeks to gain control over what happens on the community in terms of setting up businesses and infrustructure. Support is badly needed to stop this as Indigenous rights are not adequately protected in this country.