Donations for the Lipizzaners

Thank you to all that have joined this wonderful cause, because of you we can make a difference and help these magnificent horses! If anyone would like to donate money to the Lipizzaners, the details are as follows: Account name- Friends of the…Read More


If anyone would like to donate money to the Lipizzaners here are the details: Account name: Friends of the Lipizzaners Bank: Nedbank Branch: Epsom "Downs Branch number: 152203 Account number: 1522043489 Please fax payment confirmation to 011 708 3297 and…Read More

Will you help us preserve a unique South African heritage?

It is 60 years since the magnificent white Lipizzaner stallions came to SA by boat after being rescued from war-torn Austria. SInce then they have earned the honour of being the only performing Lipizanners outside Austria recognised and affiliated to the…Read More
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