European Parliament to prohibit the use of new names "Roma" & "Romani" for Gypsy & Gypsy Language- because CONFLICTS with existing names of "Roma"(Italian capital) & Romanians ("Romani" in Romanian)

Stop the discrimination against Romanians! Romanians are not Gypsys. Stop the usage of new artificial names of "Rom"
/ "Roma"/ "Romani" for "Gypsy"! Gypsy people are willing to find a new name and use "INDOM" for their nation (IN = INternational, DOM = is "man" in Gypsy language: "International Travellers") to avoid the confusion and discrimination caused to Romanians and Italians in all the Europe and in the World. European Parliament to act and prohibit the usage of "Rom/Roma/Romani" in official documents and in official mass-media when talking about "Gypsy" and use instead "Indom" or other names that do not conflict and discriminate other people.