My favorite Vermont shelter

This is the shelter that I help as much as I can in the area I live in. As most shelters, they are always low on $ and food, etc.. any help is appreciated more than you know. Mary Cornell

Please help me if you can

I have gone way above and beyond what I have to spend on animals by giving to chip-in's, sponsoring 2 cats, helping with foster care, have done transports, bought food and toys and other supplies for many people. Would you please consider donating to the…Read More


I have given way above what I have to give to so many, I am asking for some of you who can to give back just a little to help my cause. I will be so grateful for your help. Thank you very much :)

You can make a difference today :)

Please join my cause and then ask your friends to join-it's free. I do have a wish which is for the cause and if you can donate $10.00 to it I would be very grateful. I only need 3 more people to give $10.00 and I will have reached my goal for the cats and…Read More

I love to give and help and now I need your help please :)

I only need 3 more people to give $10 and my cause wish will be meet. Can you help me reach my goal tonight or tomorrow please. thanks for your time and help.

Do I have any friends ?

Not a single person that I know in my life (not face book life) has stepped up to help with my cause - why ? You know me and that I would be there for you if you needed something but it seems to be a one way street. My face book friends have treated me better…Read More

Still waiting for the 3 people to give $ 10.00

Please help me reach my goal soon. I only need 3 more people to give $ 10.00 and I will have meet my goal -mostly because I have given so much myself to try and reach the goal. Any help would be greatly appreciated by the cats and I. Thanks for your help :)
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