Daily Prayer concerns for the Love Bulgaria Conference

Prayer Requests for this week June 16th - Today pray for and help us get more folks to pray for this event. June 17th Today pray for students to decide to come and to register on time June 18th Today pray for the churches we are working with for the…Read More

Pray for a meeting

Tomorrow (which will be early morning for most of you) we have a meeting with a main participant who seems to have developed some concerns and may pull out of being a part of this event. We do not want that and have asked for the meeting to figure what is…Read More

Love Bulgaria Youth Evangelism Training Conference: What is it?

It is a chance for Bulgarian, American and English teens to learn some basic skill of how to share their faith. Using a combination or English speaking teachers and Bulgarian speaking teachers methods and reasons for knowing and communicating the Gospel…Read More

Summer 2009 Conference Coming

I have written much about this since last summer but we are holding the event again - with some changes - the links are all new with this years info. Check it and then pray. Pray for BG Students to come Pray for the teachers of the materials Pray for the…Read More

How great the need!

This past week at our home Bible Study we had 2 visitors a High Schooler guy and a College gal. After we had the study in which I did share the gospel message. I asked them if they had any questions and how did they like the evening? His answer was "We have…Read More

Prayer Reminder

Three things to pray about right now: The details of the Conference - 1) the location of the work sights and all the logistics and - 2) The speakers and the training schedule - 3) The scholarship funds for the Bulgarian Teens Please pray with me about this…Read More
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