Creating awareness of the cruelty monkeys are subjected to in some parts of Asia.

Eating monkey brains is not just an urban legend or a scene out of an Indiana Jones movie: some people really do eat raw monkey brains, though the oft-told story of scooping them out of a live monkey’s head is hard to verify. A traveler in Cambodia got a photo of brains for sale at a public market, and tales abound on the internet of gross monkey brain-eating experiences. China, Amazon, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore are also in to eating this stuff.

Yes, people really do eat monkey brains. This reality is not invented for use as a movie effect. This photograph was taken at a local delicatessen in the Phsar Thmei Market. These are monkey brains, and they’re on their way to someone’s dinner plate!

Cambodians trap the monkeys and sell to the Vietnamese who like to eat monkey brains. They also drain the blood and mix it with wine. Indonesian also still hunt monkeys and they are considered a delicacy in Indonesia, especially the brains. Though monkey hunting is internationally prohibited, as monkeys are overhunted, killing and cooking monkey meat are still practiced and sold in the markets of Indonesia.

This Chinese delicacy which has been made famous through films, they may have been cooked as an ingredient in some dishes of the Chinese imperial cuisine. Paul Burrell, the former butler of Princess Diana, claims he was served monkey brains on banana leaves and coconut palms in one of their visits. However, it is still debated, and difficult to substantiate whether live monkey brains was one of the items in the Qing dynasty Manchu Han Imperial Feast.

The Anyang tribe practices a tradition in which a new tribal chief would consume the brain of a hunted gorilla while another senior member of the tribe would eat the heart.

It is not only humans who eat the brains of monkeys. Two species of chimpanzee are known to eat the brains of monkeys which provide fat in their diet.

It was once thought that eating monkey brains can cure impotence and has, in part, led to the over-hunting of monkeys in Indonesia. A dish often attributed to China, monkey brains are also eaten in places like Africa, South American, and South East Asia. It's rumored that the monkey's brains are sometimes eaten while the monkey is still alive, which is the reason why many find this inhumane and controversial.

Monkey Brains are not only a weird food but they are also hazardous to your health. There’s a risk of getting spongiform encephalopathy (Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease), a disease of the brain that could be fatal. On the other hand, the person who eats it is at risk of contracting serious diseases that will get transferred from the monkey’s blood to the human’s body.

If you think simply eating monkey brains is strange, I wonder how you feel about eating them while the poor monkey is still alive.

This is a popular practice in southern China, where some restaurants have specially designed tables to allow monkeys to be restrained and their skulls opened - the monkeys are first drugged with morphine and the skull then opened and the brain eaten directly. Sometimes monkey brains eaters use the top of the skull as a bowl where they mix the brains with alcohol.

These people actually eat the monkey, literally alive! How cruel can human being actually be?!

Imagine someone immobilizing you, and having your head opened and ... You do not want this happen to you – the same goes for the animals.

And there is a video, on this... This video is disturbing, if you think you have weak heart, do not watch it.


There is a (Chinese) saying (direct translation),

No matter what creature, as long as the creature's back facing the sky, is eatable...

Please stop all this nonsense, and protect the animals, instead of eating them alive. Animals have feelings too...