Harlem Youth Peace Initiative will march Harlem Mothers at the Harlem 30th Mothers Day Parade

Harlem Youth Peace Initiative and Harlem Hip Hop Peace Parade & concert committee, and Play 4 Peace: Sidewalk Games supports and will march at the 30th Harlem Mothers Day Parade and Parents who lost loved ones to gun violence. May 3th at 133 and Malcolm…Read More

Harlem Youth Peace Initiative has joined the HARLEM HIP HOP PEACE PROJECT to Occupy the corners in the Village of Harlem to Transform youth violence into youth empowerment

Harlem Hip Hop Peace Project was formed to address the issue of negative messages and suggestions in the music of Hip Hop and Rap. Also to form a coalition of artist to support other artist who's message is more positive in its essence. We use Hip Hop and Rap…Read More

Peace in the Village of Harlem

Peace in the Village of Harlem starts with Peace in the minds and hearts of the People of Harlem. Oh God the Magnificant, show us the way if this is your will. Amen

Support the Harlem Youth Peace Initiative

The HARLEM YOUTH PEACE INITIATIVE is youth and adults who get into the trenches to address the issue of youth on youth violence, police brutality, domestic and elderly abuse. We use our talent, energy and love for our community as the fuel to fulfill the…Read More

Harlem Youth Peace Intiative supports Occupy the Corners. STOP COMMUNITY VIOLENCE!!!

Harlem Youth Peace Initiatiative Supports Occupy rhe Corners at the Grant Projects along with Harlem Transformation Project, National Action Network, residents of the Grant Houses and all Other occupy sites in participating buroughs. STOP COMMUNITY VIOLENCE!!!


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