To trap and neuter 10 feral cats in the West Palm Beach area

Feral Cat Day is October 16. I write to you out of desperation to help someone helping feral cats.

A coworker of mine has been feeding a feral cat colony in WPB which is growing as she has not fixed them. She has good intentions but her little colony of a few is now 10-12 cats. I told her we need to fix them. Last night she called to ask for help with a little kitten she found; before she got home to Port St. Lucie the kitten died. Last night I had nightmares about litters of kittens all over the place (which is a reality anyway). She really means well, spends over $100 a week on food even though her husband is out of work.

Unfortunately, the hard economic times is hurting everybody and I know everybody needs assistance for their cause/organization. My goal is to get 100 people to chip in $5 (just one lunch) so we can raise $500 to get the whole colony fixed ($50 for spay/neuter, microchip and rabies shot). She will continue to feed/water the colony but I am really concerned about sterilizing them. She does have backup feeders (me for one).

I've been trying to contact the feral cat organizaton here to see if they could help with the traps -- I would love to set 12 traps at once and be done with it (we trapped 2 at work and released at my house, but the only one left at work is afraid of the trap so I'm thinking we need to do it all at once).
Anyway, if you can spare $5 to prevent future litters, I'd really appreciate. We have a 501 C-3 Organization so you can donate and get a tax benefit. Please donate what you can.