Nippon Paper has power over the fate of Australia's native forests.

Help us convince the international paper giant, Nippon Paper to stop using native forest for woodchips. It is Australia's biggest woodchipper. Other Japanese paper manufacturers have stopped, why can't Nippon Paper?

Eden chipmill fate will be decided soon - take action now

The General Manager of the Eden woodchip mill will go to Japan in December 2012 to meet with the Nippon Paper board about the future of the chipmill. You can send a message to Nippon Directors that it is time to stop native forest woodchipping. If you haven't…Read More

Chipmill fate to be decided by end of the year

"Nippon Paper Industries is expected to decide the ongoing viability of the Eden chipmill by the end of the year."

Send a message directly to Nippon Paper: tell them to stop using native forest woodchips

By signing our letter on line, your message goes straight to Nippon Paper in Japan. Click here to sign: It'll just take a…Read More


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