Orphaned children would like to have Christmas dinner and party too!

I have spent many Christamases at Casa Guatemala celebrating with the children when there was money to do so with gifts, tamales, cakes, fruits, turkey, piñatas, ect and sharing with the neighboring villages as well. However this celebration depends as always on the donations they receive, money, food, toys, ect. and I would like to ask you to help me raise money for them to have a nice Christmas, To buy the dinner we all have at home, to unwrap the gifts like we do at home, to sing, dance and rejoice with each other as the family they are. They do not have parents, grandparents or any relatives to give them anything, they only have Angie, the volunteers and those of us who help make their lives a little nicer. Please emphathize with them and share some of your good fortune, a little goes a long a way. On behalf of them I thank you