Media attention and update

- Since October articles and interviews about this fast were published in 15 regional/ national newspapers. - Dutch ministers wrote an reaction to our proposals, but this was rather disappointing. They still believe in the free market + voluntary guidelines…Read More

Update after 30 days fast: health and political situation

Below more about the health situation. We organised every week actions in front of the Dutch Parliament in the Hague. We got support from the Socialist Party, the Green party and the Party for Animals. They will make amendments and try to get a majority. The…Read More

1 Novemer start 40 day fast for Food sovereingty and Climate justice

At 1 November a petition with proposals was personally handed over to the Dutch Parliament. Also a manifestation was organised in front of the Parliament. At this day 7 Dutch people fasted: Riky Schut, seMUel Sahureka, Lies Visscher, Hugo Beunder, Dirk Hart,…Read More

27 people in the Netherlands and abroad are fasting for 24 hours on this World Food Day (2)

The following people outside the Netherlands fasted in solidarity with us for food sovereingty and climate justice. Some of them I know very well, some I never met, that's so inspiring about this action. These people are: Biju Negi, India - Tracy Worcester,…Read More

27 people in the Netherlands and abroad are fasting for 24 hours on this World Food Day

Netherlands: Alowieke van Beusekom -seMUel Sahureka -Co van Melle -Thomas Reineke - Jan & Riky Schut-Hakvoort -Paul Hendriksen -Jan & Marianne Juffermans -Francine Thielen -Lies Visscher -Kirsten Smallenberg - Jan Assies -Edwin Cornelissen -Niels…Read More

The reason for this fast and hunger strike

It´s time to act during the upcoming months when crucial summits will be organised in regard to the future of the planet and our (grand)children. Let´s put the ´forgotten´ climate, food and energycrisis back on the agenda, and get rid of the free trade…Read More

Support the cause as an organisation

Tomorrow 10-10 I am going to send the proposals or demands, and background of the fast (16-10 for 24 hours) and hunger strike (from 1-11 onwards) to Dutch politicians, ministers and the media. I'm still looking for supporting organisations also from outside…Read More
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