My case with Atos Healthcare and the DWP is now over with a successful outcome. I believe the comprehensive written and recorded sequence of events will be of some use to anyone who is called up to participate in this scam…Read More

How To Tape Your Atos DWP Medical Examination

Good advice on how to record your Atos Healthcare medical examination as subsiquent telephone conversations to the DWP

Taping Your Atos Examination 2

Obviously I told them not to be so stupid and I wouldnt do it. They dont seem to understand that we do not need to even tell them that the examination is being recorded and do so only out of a sense of fairness. Anyway, they have decided not to try again and…Read More

Tape Recording Your Atos Healthcare Examination

To date I have had four failed Atos Healthcare examination attempts. Each time I stuck to my guns and insisted on tape recording the examination and reading out my template document. Each time they tried to bullshit me with some form of rules of their company…Read More

Another responsible person joins the CDL cause to fight the scamming Atos and the DWP ESA examinations

Welcome to our small group of highly responsible people Jennefer we all appreciate you taking the time and trouble to join our cause. However, we need many thousands of people to join not only this cause but aslo the CDL if our voice is going to be heard…Read More

Don't fuck about with Atos, insist on tape or video recording your examinaltion

Then write a transcript of what was said and finally demand a copy of the practitioners report. Before the examination begins, write down the practitioners name, ask him or her where in the world were they qualified and are they lisenced to proctice in…Read More

Fax to Davic Cameron and Nick Clegg

In this continuing battle with Atos I have sent a fax to the Prime Minister David Cameron and his sidekick Nick Clegg. You can read the fax by following this link.
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