[USA] Please Take Action Now, Link to Webpage to Send a Letter

ACTION ALERT: April 2009 Take Action Now: Tell Congress to Close the Black Liquor Loophole and its Freeflowing Faucet of Taxpayer Cash for the Paper Corporations Easy E-Action Here: http://tinyurl.com/dcqqz4 Frustrated by the financial crisis? Outraged at…Read More

Introducing WhatsInYourPaper.com

********* PRESS RELEASE ********** For Immediate Release February 18, 2009 Contact: Joshua Martin, EPN, 828-251-8558 or 828-242-4238, [email protected] What’s in Your Paper? Environmental Coalition Announces New Website for Paper Purchasers -…Read More

What's In Your Paper Dot Com

Thanks to everyone who has become a member of the cause of Environmental Paper Network on facebook. You are a part of a coalition of NGOs and individuals who are creating one of the most exciting and important industrial transformations of the green era. We…Read More

PulpWatch.org is Live Today!

PulpWatch.org Reveals the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in the Pulp and Paper Industry Knowing what's in your paper is critically important and PulpWatch.org is a powerful tool for paper purchasers to make an informed, responsible choice. PulpWatch.org brings…Read More

PACkaging MAN is a HIT!

Pac Man returns! To save Southern forests! Attention, slacktivists: Your day has arrived. You can now save the environment by playing a video game. http://www.nofreerefills.org/files/packman/packman.html Here’s the premise: Paper company executives are…Read More

Play PACkaging MAN with Dogwood Alliance

Today Dogwood Alliance launches its new online video game: PACkaging MAN! Based on the game you all know and love, Dogwood Alliance has brought us a fun new way to protect Southern forests from being turned into fast food and unnecessary video game packaging.…Read More

Good News: Largest conservation committment in Canadian history

Congratulations everyone! http://www.thestar.com/News/Ontario/article/460305 Ontario has made the largest conservation commitment in Canadian history, setting aside at least half the Northern Boreal region – 225,000 square kilometres – for permanent…Read More
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