We inspire people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees.

Our goals are to:

Build an organization of dedicated members who lead the way, and help individual citizens plant and care for trees to enrich the environment.

Enhance the extent, health, and care, of the urban and community forests where we live.

Advance rural land conservation and forest stewardship through the planting and care of trees.

Help protect and improve the global environment by promoting rain forest preservation, urban and community forestry, and tree planting throughout the world.

Educate and inspire young people and adults to understand, plant, and care for trees to build a better future.

Expand the awareness of the need for tree planting and care by increasing publicity about Arbor Day and the number of people who celebrate Arbor Day.

Manage Arbor Day Farm to support Foundation conferences and education programs, and to serve as a model of environmental stewardship.

The Arbor Day Foundation has several large projects including:

Arbor Day Farm
Backyard Woods
Building With Trees
Celebrate Arbor Day
Poster Contest
Rain Forest Rescue
Tree City USA
Trees for America
Tree Line USA
Volunteer Tree Planting
Youth Education

Join the foundation today and get 10 free trees:

1. We envision a world where trees and forests are abundant, healthy, and sustainable, and highly valued by all people.

2. Help us by inviting your friends, posting your status message with a link to this cause, and spreading the word however you can!

3. The link to our cause is www.causes.com/arborday

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