Stop Clause 152!

Please join the Stop Clause 152! facebook group - - and act NOW to preserve privacy, confidentiality and trust. I know some of you have already written to your MP on this issue - thank you! - but it's vital…Read More

New Parliamentary battle - urgent action needed

This is one of the most serious threats to our liberty and privacy we've yet seen. Please read our briefing and act now. The government is trying to remove all limits on the use of our private information by officials. This means taking your information from…Read More

NO2ID Review of the Year... now available online to those of you who don't already receive our fortnightly e-mail newsletter: As risk of appearing crass, I would like to draw your attention to August's entry. The Joseph…Read More

NO2ID launches Take Jane

NO2ID's new video, 'Take Jane', highlights the very real personal dangers of mass data trafficking and state 'identity management'. Confronting the myth that 'If you've done nothing wrong, then you have nothing to fear' the video shows a glimpse of one…Read More

ID card group hits 3000 members

Today the NO2ID Facebook cause of which you are a member surpassed the 3000 member mark. It is now the largest anti UK ID card cause on Facebook. Thank you for your support.

DNA database

I advise all members to check out this link:

Scottish children

Rumours abound that the Scottish excutive is going to use Scottish schoolchildren to 'trial' the ID card scheme. They say it will prevent bullying. How exactly?
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