We Demand Harshest Penalty Ny Woman Charged In 33 Dog Deaths

Please share this info with all of you NY friends. There are numbers to call in the comments to let the DA know how you feel. You can make a difference. Thank you, Sue…Read More

Pass H.R. 736 - Action to end animal euthanasia via gas chamber

Please sign this petition and help pass a law to end gassing forever.Please share this far and wide. Petitions really do make a difference. http://www.causes.com/actions/1705334-pass-h-r-736-action-to-end-animal-euthanasia-via-gas-chamber

The fax machine is your friend.

Here is a tip. The fax machine is your friend. If you pay taxes you have a right to send a fax ro a government building and ask them to hang it up. Your town hall, court house, municipal buildings all have bulletin boards. The information you are sending is a…Read More

Another great idea on how we can help spread the word.

Help take a bite out of dogfighters. Urge your local radio station to run one of our public service announcements, available in English or Spanish, about our standing $5,000 reward for information leading to a conviction of illegal dogfighting

Places to Hang Posters

Local veterinary offices, pet stores, pet groomers, laundromats, barber shops, grocery stores, churches, convenience stores, pizza parlors, and college hospital and community bulleten boards. Hand them out to your newspaper delivery person mail carrier, fuel…Read More

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