To help volunteers and organizations attend for the Entomology section of the USA Science and Engineering Festival.

Email here to donate: [email protected] Section theme: "ENTOMOLOGY INSPIRES" Insects make up the largest and most diverse group of organisms on the planet. They are a critical part of the global ecosystem as well as nearly every aspect of biotechnology, from agriculture to biomedical science. Insects also are one of the best tools for inspiring an interest in science and nature in children and the general public. Thus, we are bringing together Entomological organizations and institutions from across the country to show off everything that Entomology and insects have to offer! READ MORE AT THIS URL: http://scienceblogs.com/usasciencefestival/2011/08/butterflies_beetles_bees_bugs.php Some of the sub-topics covered by the themes of our 6 booths are: 1) Bees and Pollinators; 2) Insect Zoos and Live Insect Displays; 3) Cutting-Edge Insect Technology (cyborg beetles, genomics, biomedical science and agriculture); 4) Insects as Human Food; 5) Biodiversity, Systematics and Taxonomy; and 6) a booth section for Entomology organizations and clubs engaging in Entomological education and outreach.