Your $40 donation can bring in $6 million for Pacifica Schools

Visit and donate $40 or more to the Yes on L campaign. This money helps us reach the 2/3rds of Pacifica's voters we need in order to win in November. It pays for the mailers. lawn signs and door hangers that are critical in…Read More

We have reached 100 members! Celebrate with a Donation!

Won't you help celebrate this achievement by making a donation to the campiagn? Your donation will help us reach the key votes in Novemeber. Any amount will help. Working together we can protect the high level of education provided to students in…Read More

Please Donate to the Yes on Measure L Campaign

Thank you for joining the wave of parent and community support for the Yes on Measure l campaign. A lack of proper funding is not only harmful to our schools but to a successful campaign as well. Your donation now is a investment on a possible $6 million…Read More

Donate to the Campaign!

Please visit to make a donation to the campaign. Anyone who donates $20 or more will be able to pick up a lawnsign at Fog Fest! It costs money to run a successful campaign. Any amount will help! Thank you!
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