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15th century manuscript stolen 25 years ago returns to Italy


A leaf from the 15th century 'San Lorenzo' manuscript was repatriated to Italy. In 1990, the Archdiocese in Turin faced theft in their ancient archives after a team of professors were sent to conduct research and inventory the archives. Some of the objects stolen included over 200 parchment pages which had been cut from a missal, a breviary and an antiphonary.The leaf from the manuscript was discovered after the Carabinieri discovered, while browsing online, that it had been included an exhibition in the Florida International Museum. The Italian police then contacted the owners of the leaf who had lent it to the museum for the exhibition. They were unaware that this valuable piece of antiquity had been stolen. HSI special agents were then able to uncover the origin of the leaf which was traced back to a couple in England. The couple, who had been part of the team of professors who conducted inventory in Turin in 1990, confessed to have stolen many items during their access into the ancient archives. They were arrested and recently a repatriation ceremony took place for the return of the leaf to Italy.


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