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Pompeii to receive 105 million euro restoration

In recent years, Pompeii has suffered from neglect and has faced a series of structural collapses and has been in desperate need of care. In order to preserve and protect Pompeii, the European Union will be providing nearly half of the budget for the restoration. The EU believes that the success of this project could provide an ample model for the region of Campania and the rest of Italy. As proposed from the EU, the project will aims:

-to consolidate the structures of the archaeological site, starting with the areas ranked "high risk" pursuant to the 'Archaeological Risk Map';

-to build a water canalisation and drainage system In the non-excavated state property area leaning over the ancient buildings;

-to implement the consolidation, restoration and enhancement works in line with the method of programmed preservation;

-to improve the training of staff, working on site for the 'Special Superintendency for the Archaeological Heritage of Naples and Pompeii' (SANP).

Another major factor of this project is to avoid the influence of organized crime, mainly from the Camorra, a prominent Mafia group in Southern Italy. 


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