"Italian collector’s ‘private museum’ seized by police"

Italian police raid the villa of an art collector, allegedly linked with the illegal possession of illicit cultural property. The collection, which was displayed is if it was part a private museum inside the villa, is said to be worth over 150 million euros…Read More

Italian heritage police recover stolen Gauguin and Bonnard from a Southern Italian kitchen

In 1970 two paintings, a Gauguin and a Bonnard, were stolen from a London home only to be abandoned on a train from Paris to Turin. The paintings, whose artists provenances were unknown at the time, turned up at a lost-property auction in 1975. They were…Read More

BBC: "'Looted' artefacts removed from auction"

"Two ancient artefacts have been withdrawn from auctions after suspicions were raised that they had been illegally smuggled out of Italy." Read more at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-26848890 Photo source:…Read More

Italy plans to give 135 euros to restore southern heritage sites

46 heritage sites in Italy's southern regions will get extra care as Italy pledges 135 million euros in funds for the preservation and restoration of the souths' precious sites. Read more…Read More

Stolen Ancient Roman Sarcophagus Found in NY Warehouse to be returned

A Roman sarcophagus dating back to 200 AD, which was illegally excavated in Italy in 1981, will be returned. The sarcophagus was purchased by Gianfranco Becchina, who was recently convicted of antiquities trafficking. The sarcophagus was discovered in a Long…Read More

Exhibition in Rome displays stolen works recovered by the Carabinieri

The exhibition, "Memory Regained: Treasures recovered by the Carabinieri", recently opened at the Quirinale Palace in Rome. The exhibition features recovered works which were stolen from all regions in Italy, highlighting the success of the cultural police as…Read More

15th century manuscript stolen 25 years ago returns to Italy

A leaf from the 15th century 'San Lorenzo' manuscript was repatriated to Italy. In 1990, the Archdiocese in Turin faced theft in their ancient archives after a team of professors were sent to conduct research and inventory the archives. Some of the objects…Read More
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