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About Anna

Today, there is no person ignorant of a very prominent social activist ANNA HAZARE who is fighting against corruption in India. Looking at the non violent strategy Anna adopted and his leadership qualities, his supporters get curious to know how a second…Read More

Anna’s cause muffled amongst other demands

Day 6 of Anna Hazare’s fast against corruption had crowds thronging Ramlila Grounds in New Delhi. By the looks of it and the sheer presence of people at the venue, it seemed that there was no backing out now. The common man was in no mood to compromise and…Read More

நான் இல்லை என்றாலும் விடாதீங்க : இளைஞர்களுக்கு அன்னா ஹசாரே அழைப்பு

சிறையைவிட்டு வெளியில் வந்தவுடன், அங்கு இரண்டு நிமிடங்கள் மக்கள் வெள்ளத்தின் முன்பாக ஹசாரே பேசினார். அப்போது அவர், ""வெள்ளையர்கள் இந்தியாவை ஆண்டபோது, 1942ல் அவர்களை எதிர்த்து மகாத்மா காந்தி குரல் எழுப்பினார். அதனால், 1947ல் நாட்டிற்கு சுதந்திரம் கிடைத்தது.…Read More

'A single law cannot remove corruption'

Over 2,500 people happily detained in Chatrasal stadium in Delhi; thousands drenched in a downpour outside Delhi's Tihar jail; countless others protesting on streets across the country and on college campuses and courts -- these were the scenes that greeted…Read More

Anna inspires Pak anti-corruption activist

Inspired by anti-graft campaigner Anna Hazare, a Pakistani businessman says he will soon launch a "fast unto death" against corruption in his country and militarisation of South Asia. Raja Jahangir Akhtar, 68, said he is hoping that his protest will lead to…Read More
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