NEW 2015 PETITION Please Sign then Share this new petition to the Costa Rica Govt to insist that the Govt-Owned electric grid be insulated, to save Costa Rica's Arboreal animals. This petition…Read More

Urgent Action Needed to End Wildlife Electrocutions in Costa Rica

Wherever the forest meets the electric grid of the Costa Rican government, our Arboreal wildlife, and even birds, are being fried daily. By Law, ICE ( the CR Govt Electric company) is required that all new installations are insulated. This Law applies to…Read More


VICTORY!!! a HUGE reason to smile! after over a decade of my struggling to get the C.R. govt's attention to this terrible CRISIS for our wildlife, FINALLY they have reacted ... ICE [ CR Govt electric company] has begun the LARGEST insulation project in the…Read More

Please sign our NEW petition !

PLEASE sign then share the new 2012 petition to end wildlife electrocutions … video : also, PLEASE JOIN our facebook group END WILDLIFE…Read More

The 'SHOCKED? HE WAS TO!' campaign launches today...

The petition is slowly gaining momentum, with 100 signatures a day, but we need to make more of an impact, so the guys at TEAM MONKEY have decided to put together a brief website,, & a new campaign in an attempt to create more awareness…Read More


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