To force the Costa Rican government in to insulating electrical wiring, which over the past 10 years has been responsible for the death of 80% of the country's native monkey population. That doesn't even account for other arboreal animal mortalities. Many of these electrocutions happen within national park boundaries.

From the outside, it appears the Costa Rican government does not think wildlife electrocutions are of much concern, and therefore, there is no policy in place to insulate electrical wires or engage in the building of monkey bridges across these dangerous lines. When monkeys try crossing from canopy to canopy they use these uninsulated electrical lines and wind up being electrocuted and fried. Sometimes, a baby monkey is found, still clinging onto its dead mothers tummy and unable to survive on its own.

PLEASE sign this petition to support the prevention of wildlife electrocutions in Costa Rica, or simply if you do not agree with the occurrence of electrocutions. We need to document the incidents, locations, witnesses, ICE post #'s, and any other available data, and send it to ICE.

Sign the petition here : https://www.change.org/petitions/end-wildlife-electrocutions-in-costa-rica-new-2012-petition

we need at least 100,000 signatures, to be able to request an audience regarding this issue. ANYBODY OUT THERE WANT TO HELP ?