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CNU's annual Congress in Denver last month was full of energy and excitement because of an understanding of the key role New Urbanism must play in addressing some of our society's mega-challenges—global climate change, peak oil, deteriorating public health, and a demographic-driven mismatch between the housing we have and the housing that's needed. And it wasn't just CNU insiders who sensed something special. Here's what Tim Halbur, managing editor of Planetizen, had to say:

"The atmosphere is dramatic here at CNU, and not just outside the conference center. Everyone is a twitter (and yes, some people are Twittering at #CNU17) about the effect of the economy on the role of New Urbanism. The consensus seems to be that there is a spark of purpose in attendees and presenters not seen in recent years, driven by the culture shift inherent in this new economy and the need for new urbanists to shift into high gear to help solve climate change...”

We rely on your support to help us shift into high gear. CNU is the only organization that brings together such a diverse, interdisciplinary group of professionals dedicated to advancing efforts to build, preserve, and redevelop sustainable pedestrian-friendly communities. We are the collective voice of new urbanists and for the principles of New Urbanism. And it's the strength and resolve of our community that gives our organization power.

CNU is seeking to raise $20,000 by July 31 to support our efforts to spread New Urbanism. Please contribute to our movement today—your support is more important than ever right now.


John Norquist
CNU President & CEO

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