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"To put it bluntly, the Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU) is perhaps the only surviving collective intelligence left in the United States that is producing ideas consistent with the reality. [...] They recognize the crisis we will soon face in food production, and the desperate need to reactivate the relationship between the way we inhabit the landscape and the way we feed ourselves. They recognize that the solution to the liquid fuels crisis is not cars that can run by other means but rather walkable towns and cities connected by public transit." -- James Howard Kunstler after CNU 17 in Denver

Blunt, yes, but also accurate. We've faced a year clouded with downsizing, global warming, foreclosures and other looming concerns. Yet, this year's Congress in Denver last month, a gathering of architects, planners, and real estate development professionals (arguably some of the recession's hardest hit groups), carried a tone not of doom and fear but of purpose, excitement, and opportunity. We are witnessing a coming of age of New Urbanism—our ideas are being embraced by the public like never before and we're seeing a new receptiveness in state and federal policy. We need your help to keep up this energy and momentum. CNU is seeking to raise $20,000 by July 31 to support our efforts to spread New Urbanism. Please contribute to our movement today—your support is more important than ever right now.


John Norquist
CNU President & CEO

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