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CNU Debuts New Accreditation Program to Recognize New Urbanist Excellence

Accreditation Exam Registration Open Now

The Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU) is proud to announce a new professional accreditation program to recognize the talent within the new urbanist movement for creating walkable, sustainable places. The accreditation program seeks to elevate the practice of the principles of New Urbanism and to develop a premier standard of professional excellence in the design of the built environment. Professionals who meet the requirements of accreditation will be recognized as CNU-Accredited. The accreditation credential can be used for business identification, reference criteria, and optional credits within the LEED for Neighborhood Development (LEED-ND) rating system.

CNU has partnered with the University of Miami School of Architecture to launch the first phase of this program using an online exam developed by leading new urbanist experts. The CNU Accreditation program will be frequently updated to reflect the depth of New Urbanist knowledge and practice. Participating at this stage will help the program evolve based on lessons learned and feedback from this first phase.

Professionals can take the exam online during three access windows that will be scheduled each year. The next exam access window is Oct. 5 - Nov. 23, 2009. Registration for this exam window opens June 8, 2009, and closes Aug. 6, 2009. Visit to register now.

The University of Miami also offers a self-paced online course, titled The Principles and Practice of New Urbanism, which provides preparation for the exam but is not required. Registration for the course is separate from CNU Accreditation registration and is available online at .

Benefits of Accreditation

* Provides a marketable credential to employers and clients
* Listing on CNU Member Directory as CNU-Accredited
* CNU-Accredited Professional Certificate
* Optional Innovation Credit in LEED for Neighborhood Development (LEED-ND)

Requirements of Accreditation

* Pass the CNU / University of Miami Exam
* Maintain active CNU Membership status
* Attend at least one CNU or local chapter event (minimum one day duration) every year


In the late 1980s, New Urbanism arose out of a recognition that the development professions were working in isolation and as a result not building complete places. City building, which had been practiced under a limited number of professions, had become overspecialized. New Urbanism began by bringing those professions back together under one roof to see the connections between their work. CNU was founded in 1993 to serve the growing movement. Working together, the development professions have forged their own path and have penetrated the industry to an extent unimaginable at the movement's inception.

As new urbanist practice has matured, new urbanists have accumulated a body of knowledge that is quite unique. They have gained two decades worth of experience on how to design and build urban places in the context of today's realities. CNU is now composed of highly-skilled practitioners with a depth of knowledge in a wide variety of traditional disciplines. These members continue to advance the practice -- and inspire and educate those just joining the movement. The CNU accreditation program aims to recognize and reward excellence in New Urbanism.

More Information

For further information and to register for the online exam, visit .

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