Happy New year everyone. Can you help us raise £180

In 2011 the Charity suffered quite a few set backs in the fund raising attempts. And our jumps were stolen so not a good year. Some of you may know that we do not have hot water in the yard and this has always been a problem, especially for the older horses…Read More

***HARRY IS SAFE.*** (21.01.2012)

A joint effort with World Horse Welfare resulted in Harry and a field companion being saved from further neglect (21.01.2012) Thank you to every one in the cause and in the Group for spreading the word on Harry's plight. Thank you for caring for Harry, BUT…Read More

Harry ex-racer 21 years old. offered free on the web (20.1.2012)

We have been *****ALERTED****** to Harry ex-racer 21 years old. offered free on the web north Wales. He is in desperate need of our help. As a member of the cause can you help us save him from an unknown fate. Either with funds, transport, medication, feed,…Read More

SECOND HAND RUG SALE. Saturday 22 nd October 2 pm - 4.30pm

To be held at the Centre. Main rug sizes from 5.9 - 6.6 few smaller sizes available. Fleece, light weight, medium and heavy weight, Bits and a few other items. come early and grab a bargain. Moneys raised will go to replacing show jumps that were stolen from…Read More


2 Poly Jump Combies and 12 plastic 10Ft poles we stolen from the Centre. They were removed from the field and lifted over the gate, others were left inside the gate with the possible option to collect later. We worked through the night to collect all the…Read More


The current economic climate is having a devastating effect on the value of racehorses when their racing days are over. Far too many are being slaughtered needlessly, regardless of their age or future ability in another discipline. Others are given away…Read More

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