For the Health and Dignity of Women Everywhere

UNFPA is the largest international source of assistance for women. It provides women with health care including family planning, fights the spread of HIV and gender-based violence, and promotes girls' access to education.

Americans for UNFPA was established to educate, advocate and raise funds for UNFPA.

6,800 people are infected with HIV everyday. 96 percent are in low or middle income countries. Sign here to say you think this is outrageous and needs to change. http://www.americansfounfpa.org/iam

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1. Every Woman deserves health care including family planning.

2. Every minute a woman dies during pregnancy or childbirth. UNFPA provides vital care for pregnant women so that no woman will die giving life.

3. Women deserve to live free from gender-based violence.

4. The U.S. should lead global efforts to improve the health and dignity of women.