Hello Friends,       I delighted to be back as the Leader of "On Line Tea Party of America". I will start sending out information to all of you very soon and starting a new recruiting campaign for the 2014 elections. Thank You, Hawkeye Hawkins


The stamp on Obama's selective service registration has only two digits. This video demonstrates how it could have been made


Barbara Haney Do you all remember? Who do you think was the person behind this? Who distributed it? Who got the Tea Party in Office? Eh? It was US folks, it was US. We take over ... we decide. We the People decide, not the GOP establishment. This is not…Read More

Chemtrails to Depopulate

Who's spraying the skies and why?

Illegal Immigration: Mitt Romney Flip-Flops on Illegal Immigrants

Who is Mitt Romney? http://www.whichmitt.com In 2007, Mitt Romney backed the McCain-Kennedy immigration reform that provided a pathway to citizenship for those who entered the country illegally


Breaking News! Former Senior Military Analyst for Fox News and Founder of Stand Up America, Ret. MG Paul Vallely, Reveals New Threat from Russia's Club K Missile Attack Container System. He also discusses the latest developments in the Middle East, and how…Read More

Gallup: Obama job rating sinks below 40% for first time

President Obama's summer woes have dragged his approval rating to an all-time low, sinking below 40% for the first time in Gallup's daily tracking poll. New data posted Sunday shows that 39% of Americans approve of Obama's job performance, while 54%…Read More
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