Support the Arctic and Other Wild Places for the Holidays

The Arctic is teeming with wildlife and covers eight countries, including the United States. Main threats to the Arctic include illegal and overfishing, noise and potential spills associated with offshore oil and gas exploration, and increasing temperatures…Read More

2 Fun Ways to Support the Arctic and Other Wild Places for the Holidays

As the last days of 2011 draw to a close, we are proud of the conservation successes that you've helped support. Discover 15 highlights from our work around the world to protect species and habitats here: ( Here are…Read More

Two days left to help polar bears, penguins and other species in 2011

( Thanks for your support as a World Wildlife Fund member on Causes! We’ve had a successful 2011, but we need your year-end support ( to continue our efforts to protect our living planet for future generations.…Read More

America’s Fish Basket Threatened

Bristol Bay is an economic engine for Alaska. The bay--referred to as America’s Fish Basket ( home to a fishing industry that produces almost 40% of the wild-caught seafood eaten in the U.S., including salmon and halibut. The Value…Read More
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